As you may know, Social media is changing all of the time.

To reach the most amount of your followers and attract new ones, there is no other choice than video!

In this modern age, your video can easily be sent to people through various channels without a great deal of time and effort. Perhaps the most obvious way to use it is to slam it on your website’s home page and sit back while the view count mounts up, but to really increase its range you can have it on your Youtube channel (don’t forget this is the 2nd biggest search engine), Facebook page, and link through to it on mailing lists and Tweets.

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It’s no secret that the number of video-friendly devices is rapidly increasing. Not only does this increase your potential audience, it also means they can watch any time and any place. Access to your video is no longer restricted by time or geography!

Of course, this means it’s even more important to make sure your video is impressive and engaging so as not to blend into the background.

Professionally produced video is no longer the preserve of huge organisations with deep pockets. Not so long ago, creating a video that looked and sounded suitably awesome required an assortment of prohibitively expensive hardware, as well as complex and pricey software. Developments in camera technology, the move towards fully digital work-flows and increases in internet speed mean that the cost of video production has fallen significantly over recent years and the benefit of this to the end client is obvious!

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